Nothing Beats a Hobo-steak

This was from a trip back in 2013. I took 4 weeks to ride around the Western states, going from one national park to another. I ended up in Moab for my birthday and celebrated with a fat steak at Jeffrey’s Steakhouse.

It made me happy and stayed a couple days in Moab. I was parked out at the comfy Red Rock Lodge. I had the place almost to myself just after the blitz of Harleys that were in town for Memorial Day.


Moab had a peacefulness that’s lazy and comfortable. The red rock cliffs surrounded the city like a deep clay tub of soothing mud.

But the road finally called, I was headed to Western Idaho from here. I was suggested to Glenns Ferry, a historic state park that marked the spot where fronteers-people cross the Snake River on the old Oregon Trail.

Oregon Trail Map

Fleeing a storm front in Utah and then pounded by high winds on the open Idaho interstate, this 500 mile journey was a little more taxing than I expected. After lunch, I was actually nodding off on the ride down I-84! I took the next exit and found a parking lot, where a gentleman let me park and nap on the ground.


After a 45 minute respite, I collected enough concentration to ride the remaining 90 miles to Glenns Ferry. The exit took me through a little town and towards the state park on the edge of the Snake River. I had just an hour before the museum and exhibit hall closed to get a little history on this historic site. Amazing how the settlers from the 1840’s selected this spot to push their animals and wagon across this river.

With plenty of daylight left, I set up my tent on a nice green patch of grass before going back into town for dinner and a well deserved alcoholic beverage. A cut of steak, large can of what looked like a margarita and instant rice side dish was on the menu for a long exhausting day.


I threw that steak straight on the grill and listened to it sizzled and popped. I recalled the long events of the day and smirked at how that same morning, I was in Southern Utah. I thought of how I was doing what those early settlers must have done after that arduous crossing of the Snake river, trying to find a little comfort for the evening.


When my hobo-style steak came ready, I savored with pure delight of how something could taste soooo good. Rice and a sweet beverage hadn’t tasted soooo good in so long. The steak I had on my celebratory birthday, a fine steak, did not even match how this hobo-steak could feed a road-weary soul!

Recipe for hobo-steak:

  1. Steak from store, your choice of cut
  2. Few spices you had put in a bag before you left on a 1 month trip
  3. Throw it on the grill over the fire
  4. Flip just a few times